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In mechanical and plant engineering, the task often arises of supplementing the standard HMI with customer-specific command devices, displays, key switches or the easily accessible “emergency stop”.

EFCO has now developed an additional control panel suitable for its multi-touch panel IPCs, the design of which is coordinated with its own 15” or 21” panel IPCs. Customer-specific versions are available – ready for installation and pre-wired – starting from 20 pieces.

While the smaller multi-touch panel industrial PCs (TPCs) have six slots available on the additional control panel, the larger ones have up to eight. Depending on the customer application, any indicator lights can be installed, selector switches, touch buttons for setting operations, key switches, RFID receivers for easy registration on the machine – or even the classic “emergency stop”. While the latter must be taken into account separately as a safety-related function, the other control devices are conveniently connected via USB. This means that the 16 digital IOs present as standard in all EFCO IPCs remain free – which suits many customers who already use these IOs for sequence controls etc. within their applications. In addition, the USB connection ensures that the additional control panel from EFCO is generally suitable for all PC-based systems.

At 391.5 mm, the narrower additional control panel is exactly as wide as the 15.6-inch multi-touch panel IPC; For the larger one, the width of 538 mm corresponds to the housing format of the 21.5-inch TPC. The height is 145 mm each. At 68 mm, both additional control panels are exactly as deep as the panel IPCs and therefore offer all standard command devices enough installation space and, above all, wiring space.

The multi-touch panel industrial PCs from EFCO are designed for harsh, continuous industrial use and are suitable for operation with gloves.



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